Sell With Us

Sell With Us

Is your wardrobe full of designer handbags and clothes you no longer wear? Sell them with us! We make it nice and easy to sell your pre-loved luxury goods at Opulence Vintage. We love to hear about all sorts of designer items, from handbags and crossbodies to luxury lifestyle goods, hats, earrings and other accessories.

Your items will be beautifully displayed in our shops, on our website and may be featured on our partners’ websites for maximum visibility.

To connect with us, please fill the form below and complete it by uploading your photographs and description. Please, send various photographs including:

  • Front photograph
  • Rear photograph
  • 3/4 side photograph
  • Bottom photograph
  • Hardware detailed photographs
  • Inside and lining photographs
  • Authentication proof (ID cards, Serial number, store receipt, etc.)

Our team will process your submission and an estimate will be issued within 48 hours, stating conditions you will need to agree and follow before sending your items to us. We can’t wait to hear about your pre-loved luxury goods!