Gillian Clarke

Gillian completed a foundation course at Wimbledon art college in 1969 and then went on to have a career in teaching art, ceramics and also teaching and counselling children with special needs. Art therapy is an important aspect of her work.

The choice of medium is sometimes random or becomes apparent when she start developing an idea. These ideas may be around cultural issues, historical themes, emotions or memories.

Gillian has a desire to produce items of beauty and originality, be they functional or sculptural. She enjoys learning and developing new skills and then experimenting. Hence her ceramic work includes reduction fired porcelain, stoneware, paperclay, raku, and saggar fired pieces. She wants to push the limits of each medium, hence a lot of failures and mistakes, but hopefully, also some pieces of real joy and originality.

Gillian lives and works on the Isle of Wight.